Advantages of our Organic Maple syrup packaging

1. Protection

Tinplate packaging blocks out 100 percent of light and oxygen, tamper-resistant and tamper-evident. Longer shelf life. 3 years compared to most other containers on the market.

2. Recyclable

Eco-friendly - 100 percent recyclable and durable, can be recycled infinitely with no loss of quality.

3. Reusable

Can reuse the container to refill for other uses – even a water bottle!

4. Non Breakable packaging

Unlike many other maple syrup containers on the market these simply don’t break – no damages means no returns- lighter to ship – less carbon footprint

5. Quick chilling

Gets cold faster and stays cold longer – can stay out longer on the table.

6. Safe Lacquer

Each can has a food grade internal lacquer BPA FREE with no metal after taste. Rust proof materials.

7. Portable

Lightweight, unbreakable and easy to hold, so they can go anywhere consumers go.

8. Easy closing cap

Easy closing twist lug cap with shorter thread and less fuss to open and close – choice of colors. 

9. Tamper evident

Closing cap can be used with pop up feature – tampering with the product will cause the pop up on cap to rise.