Our Containers

" You supply the best syrup we supply the best packaging "

Advantages of our Tin plate packaging

  • Protection - blocks out 100 percent of light and oxygen, tamper-resistant and tamper-evident. Longer shelf life. 3 years compared to most other containers on the market.
  • Safe Lacquer – Each can has a food grade internal lacquer BPA FREE with no metal after taste. Rust proof materials.
  • Promotion - provides a large, 360-degree billboard with 4 dynamic colors. Nutritional values on each can. Stands out at point-of-sale.
  • Portable - lightweight, unbreakable and easy to hold, so they can go anywhere consumers go.
  • Quick chilling – gets cold faster and stays cold longer – can stay out longer on the table .
  • Recyclable - 100 percent recyclable and durable, can be recycled infinitely with no loss of quality.
  • Reusable – Can reuse the can to refill maple syrup provided you change the closure. Good for other uses – even a water bottle !
  • Traceability – Each can has a lightly printed code under the can. This helps identify and trace production flaws in case of product recalls or inspections.
  • Shipping – Lower cost to ship due to its lighter weight – Less carbon footprint = Good for the environment. Easier, cost-effective to transport – lightweight, stackable and have a high cubic efficiency.
  • Great for on-line sales !
  • Easy closing cap – easy closing twist lug cap with shorter thread and less fuss to open and close  – choice of colors.
  • Tamper evident – Closing cap can be used with pop up feature – tampering with the product will cause the pop up on cap to rise.
  • Personalize – Each can has an area for you to place your label.

               *    NuCan is a registered trademark and the product is an industrial protected design - patent protected in the US