Nucan Maple Syrup

Canadian Maple Syrup produced locally in Quebec, Canada

Nothing but PURE MAPLE SYRUP from the tree straight to your table!

100% Pure Organic & Natural Premium Quality; USDA Organic, ECOCERT Certified. Gluten Free

Offered in 2 cultured/refined tastes to tantalize your taste buds:

Amber = Rich Amber colored. Great Tasting Delicacy

Golden = Gold light colored more Delicate Taste but very maple tasting

The smart alternative (substitute) to sugar that’s actually good for your health!

It can be used on virtually any desert, food or beverage… It’s todays new indispensable (staple or essential)on your grocery list!

Makes for a great gift-giving idea… EVERYBODY LOVES Maple Syrup!

Nucan cares; Our brilliant Nucan packaging is eco-friendly; recyclable, reusable and quick chilling too!

Resealable Freshness – Unlike most Canadian maple syrup brands, our tinplate containers can be resealed to ensure a fresh, sweet taste every time it’s reopened.

You can even use the container a second time….