Classic Barrels NuCAN glass

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125 ML (150 grams)

35 pieces per case
60 cases per pallet
2100 pcs
Min 12 cases (420 pcs) 

FOB - Cowansville , QC, Canada
Minimum order 12 cases or 1 pallet
Prices subject to change without notice
Dimensions for boxes have been rounded off

Consider ordering - PP 24 tamper evident GOLD closures

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Dimension per box
H (height) X W (width ) X L (length) (mm)
Dimension per box
H (height) X W (width ) X L (length)(inch)
Weight per box (Kilos) Weight per box (LBS)
168 x 398 x 298 7 x 16 x 12 5.25 Kilos 11.57 LBS
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